A Creative Tool to Process Anxiety

Tired of trying to express how you feel in clear, concise verbal ways? If yes, I’d like to offer you a simple yet highly effective tool to help you work through your SH*T without having to have a formal therapy session or go about it in a formalized manner. This is a tool to help you step into your mind and work through it in a way that is not pressurizing. It’s an awesome tool to help you understand your anxiety and the underlying feelings.


When we talk about our issues to a friend or a therapist there seems to be an unspoken pressure to verbally express yourself adequately and getting the words ‘right’. When I have gone through traumatic experiences I have had found it difficult to verbally express what I am going through inside. And yes, this comes from someone who is talkative and outgoing! If you’ve tried therapy, tried praying, journaling, tried having drinks and talking through stuff with your friends but you still feel anxious, I suggest you try this tool to discover and uncover some new insights that can guide you forward.


You might not be aware of anxiety or know why it’s there. This tool can help you find the root of your anxiety. Try it! Get a piece of paper and a pen. Feel free to include markers, crayons, color pencils, etc. With your mighty pen in hand, draw out your narrative and draw whatever comes to mind. For example, if you are feeling anxious about your relationship with your boss at work, draw out what is going on. Draw your boss and the way that they make you feel. Your drawing might give the impression of an explosion, a dullness or something completely different. The aim is to let your stream of consciousness guide you, so draw whatever comes up. The best way to let your consciousness flow is to draw quickly. It doesn’t have to look like a beautiful piece of art. It is merely a channel for you to non-verbally express what’s going on for you.


Using drawing as a channel of expression can help you work through stuff quicker than trying to find the ‘right' words and you’ll be able to access deeper places in your subconscious mind that are seemingly unrelated. You might draw your boss, then draw an explosion followed by a box of tissues, to which you can ask yourself why you drew a box of tissues. From this point you can use this subconscious connection to the tissues to figure out what your boss reminds you of – perhaps an ex who mistreated you and made you cry a lot so you needed lots of tissues? The possibilities are limitless and very specific to you and your journey.


70% of Americans hate their jobs and feel a sense of boredom, indifference and dullness in their work. If you are this person, I invite you to have a conversation with me to see how I can help you step into the person that you want to be – someone who feels fulfilled and purposeful. Book a 30 minute complimentary session with me HERE.