Feeling Salty Workshop

Feeling Salty is a 2 hour workshop that helps people let go of the past and welcome a positive and fulfilling future. This workshop is for people who want to find peace, but don't have the patience for long drawn out therapy sessions or the willpower to sit and do seated meditation for longer than a few minutes at a time (although these people are welcome too). If you want to take action for a better life and you want to be genuinely happier, you should plan to attend this workshop.

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This workshop is virtual.

During this 3-hour virtual workshop, you’ll learn how to use the power of visualization, stream of conscious exercises and drawing (yes, I said drawing) to step out of what isn’t working in your creative practice (and life) and lean into what is working to truly step up and into your most authentic self whether that’s in the studio, at work or beyond.

This workshop is taking a short break, but we'll let you know when we are back up and running! :)

'Adult Like a Pro' Program

More information coming soon.